Pamela Z
The Qube Chix
Miya Masaoka
Donald Swearingen
Sten Rudstrom
Julie Queen
Ink Boat
Leigh Evans
Kinji Hayashi
Shinichi Momo Koga
Matthew Brubeck
K. Atchley
Jeanne Finley
John Muse
John Chiara
David Lapp


Theater Artaud
October 5 • 6 • 7 /2000
music • performance • film • photography
(a benefit for Theater Artaud)

Z Program 8

Theater Artaud October 5 • 6 • 7 /2000

Box Office 415.621.7797

450 Florida Street (at 17th), San Francisco

Z Program 8 (infinity) is a multi-artist, interdisciplinary performance extravaganza which will include electronic and electroacoustic music and performance by composer/performer Pamela Z, razor-wielding performance ensemble The Qube Chix, electro-acoustic kotoist Miya Masaoka, sound artist Donald Swearingen, and cellist Matthew Brubeck, as well as sound installation by K. Atchley , Butoh by Ink Boat, film by Jeanne Finley, performance by Sten Rudstrom and photography by John Chiara. This strange and suprising avant-variety show runs for three nights -Thursday-Saturday October 5-7, 2000.

Z Program Infinity is the th in a series of such performances produced by Pamela Z since 1987. Previous installments have been: "Z Program ONE" (The LAB 1987), "Z Program II" (New Performance Gallery 1988), "Z Program 2.5" (Studio 4 1989), "Z Program 3 or 4" (The LAB 1991), "Z Program V" (Life on the Water 1992), "Z Programs Presents: DUETS" (The LAB 1996), and "Z Program 40" (The LAB 1996 on Pamela Z's 40th Birthday) and XYZ (with Amy X Neuburg and J Why at Venue 9 in 1998).

This installment (Infinity) will benefit Theater Artaud. An important perfomance venue for San Francisco and the Bay Area, Theater Artaud has been in operation for 30 years. It is one of very few remaining venues appropriate for dance, new theater and performance that has not been evicted by the current high-rent development plague. Still, increased expenses make it more and more of a struggle for the theater to continue covering its month to month operating costs.

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