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Thursday July 13 and Friday July 14, 2006, 8pm
Royce Gallery 2901 Mariposa Street, SF
Between Harrison and Alabama Streets

Pamela Z

Amy X Neuburg
Donald Swearingen
Julie Queen
Mary Armentrout
Jeanne Finley + John Muse
Hillary Maroon
Kinji Hayashi
Barbara Imhoff

plus Special Virtual Appearances by:

Carl Stone
Joan Jeanrenaud
Leigh Evans
J Why
Anna Nuse

Come celebrate Pamela Z's birthday with an evening featuring a collage piece called "50 Minutes". Pamela and some of her colleagues and collaborators perform 50 mini-movements tightly scored to a timeclock. Ms. Z will also present a short set of works for voice, electronics and video to fill out the program.

Z Program Fifty will take place in a new, intimate gallery space located on the ground level of the same artist building where Pamela has her San Francisco studio. One half of the program will be filled by "50 Minutes", the lively rollercoaster ride of a collage piece made up of performances and video by a delightful list of artists familiar to anyone who has attended past Z Programs. (See Z Programs History.) The carefully timed piece will include sounds and images from sensor artist Donald Swearingen, singer (and Qube Chic) Julie Queen, electro-diva Amy X Neuburg, avant-rock and jazz artist (and real-life sibling of Ms. Z) Hillary Maroon, Butoh artist Kinji Hayashi, video artist and 2-headed-monster Jeanne Finley + John Muse, movement artist (and Qube Chic) Leigh Evans, performance artist Mary Armentrout, composer Carl Stone, harpist Barbara Imhoff, Cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, electronic musician and percussionist J Why, dance-filmmaker Anna Nuse, and composer/performer (and birthday girl) Pamela Z.

A short intermission will be flanked on one side by the precisely timed "50-minutes" and on the other by a short set of works for voice & electronics by the birthday girl (with a few duets thrown in). Join us afterwards for wine and cake!

The Royce Gallery is a small, intimate space, and the seating is limited. Therefore, buying tickets in advance is strongly recommended. Tickets are available now here. Tickets will also be available at the door if they are not sold out. For further information, contact Pamela Z Productions by or phone: 415.861.3277.


Sliding scale: 50 quarters - 50 dollars ($12.50 - $50.00)
(no one turned away for lack of quarters)

Z Program 50 Special: Admission is FREE if:
a) your birthday is July 13th, b) your name starts or ends with Z , or c) you are 50 years old*.
(Bring documentation to substantiate your eligibility!)

*50 years old means: You have had your 50th birthday but have not yet had your 51st.

Z program 50 Artist Links:

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