instructor: Pamela Z
Tuesdays July 1-August 12, 2008 6pm-9pm

A seven-week sound and performance workshop exploring experimental music, audio art, and interdisciplinary performance practices. Participants will explore experimental composition techniques, and the work and ideas of new music composers and sound art practitioners, receive hands-on instruction with tools (software, hardware etc.) and techniques for the creation of sound and performance works, and create and present works of their own.

SoundWORK will meet Tuesday nights July 1- August 12, 2008 6pm-9pm at Royce Gallery, 2901 Mariposa Street (with additional sign-up hands-on sessions in Pamela Z’s nearby studio.)

For workshop or enrollment information:
send email or call 415 861 EARS

The class will meet as a large group once a week – which will include lecture/demonstration and group listening and performance activities. There will be weekly assignments to create small works based on principles covered in the group sessions, and a final meeting in which participants will present a final project – a recorded or performed sound work, experimental music composition, or sound installation. Participants will also sign up for private sessions for individual help with sound recording and editing software and equipment, and help with planning, composing and creating works.

Drawing on her own experience as a composer and performer of experimental music, sound, performance, and installation works, and the works of other notable artists in this broad-ranging field, Pamela Z will present sessions exploring elements of sound, and expermimental music including the use of sound in performance, sound with image (video & film), experimental composition techniques, the use of sampled sounds, found text and found objects, electronic processing of voice and other acoustic sound sources, synthesized sound, digital sound recording and editing, and the physics of sound. Participants will also receive a comprehensive list of recommended reading, listening, and viewing in addition to works presented in class.

This Workshop is now FULL. Please send email if you would like to be notified about the next one.

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