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New Solo Release: A Secret Code
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Pamela Z: A Secret Code

Neuma Records

From sonic trifles to complex numbers, the works on 
A Secret Code span two decades of redefining song.

PZ on PAM wall

A Secret Code is available now available, on BandCamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and through

Composer Annea Lockwood writes in the liner notes,
“I have long treasured Pamela Z’s work for its vigor, inexhaustible ideas, fluid intricacy of texture, and for its sheer joyousness. An infectious, often surreal humor runs through the whole album, brilliantly upending everyday experience. The letter she is typing disintegrates, flare stains on a road become animate, and in Unknown Person even the TSA’s mundane but weighted questions are subverted, and disintegrate in the hilarious list of packed garments and hopes which follows. Voice, the most intimate of instruments, is a shape-shifter in her hands, transformed by gestural control and electronics in her performances and mutating, time-stretched and compressed as Timepiece Triptych, and throughout her work, with a dazzling compositional virtuosity.”

Neuma 143


New Solo Release: A Secret Code
available recordings
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Additional Available Recordings:

A Delay is Better

A Delay is Better offers some of Pamela Z's most widely enjoyed signature pieces. A Delay is Better is available on iTunes, through CD Baby, and through .

" impressive survey of Z's imaginative compositions..."

- Pauline Oliveros.

"Sheer genius from the most gifted and enterprising vocalist/composer/audio artist in the US since the heyday of Joan La Barbara and Mededith Monk."
–Brian Morton, WIRE Magazine

Starkland ST-213

(Starkland PO Box 2190 Boulder, CO 80306)

 Immersion. All of the music on this DVD-Audio release was commissioned by Starkland exclusively for high resolution DVD-Audio surround sound making it the first such recording in history. (It will also play on standard DVD-Video players.) Immersion, which opens with Pamela Z's Live/Work, also includes works by Meredith Monk, Carl Stone, Pauline Oliveros, Merzbow, Lukas Ligeti, Maggi Payne, Phil Klilne, Bruce Oddland, Paul Dresher, Ellen Fullman, Ingram Marshall, and Paul Dolden.

Order S-2010 from:

(Starkland PO Box 2190 Boulder, CO 80306)

Emergency Music. This 1998 CD compilation of new music composers working in non-acedemic styles includes "Caught" by Pamela Z and works by Eve Beglarian, Tina Davidson, Phil Kline, Judy Dunaway, Ed Harsh, Jack Vrees, Ken Valitsky, Victoria Jordanova, Nick Didkovsky, and Randall Woolf.

Order CD #770 from:

(CRI Composer's Recordings Inc, 73 Spring Street Suite 506, NY, NY 10012-5800)



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Peter Kowald: Global Village . The music on this CD was recorded in Wuppertal, Germany. The works are improvisations by Peter Kowald's Global Village Trio (Peter Kowald: bass, Gunda Gottschalk: violin & viola, Xu Feng Xia: guzheng) working with Pamela Z (voice & electronics), Otomo Yoshihide (electronics), and Jin Hi Kim (komungo).

(Free Elephant 001):

(free elephant Marienstrasse 93 / D-42105 Wuppertal / Germany)


VISIONS, Performances from the EMIT Series. Contains a live version of Pamela Z's "Number Three" as well as performances by Peter Kowald, Eugene Chadbourne, Evan Parker, Sam Rivers, Day & Taxi, Chris Brown, Philip Gelb, Derek Bailey, Jim Stewart, David Manson, Saturnalia with Daniel Carter, Davey Williams, Amy Denio, & SHIM

(Isospinlabs 2)




HOMO SONORUS An International Anthology of Sound Poetry #2

This Russian anthology curated by Dmitry Bulotov includes a book and 4 compact discs with text-based works by Pamela Z, Charles Amirkhanian, Jaap Blonk, and many others.





An International Anthology of Sound Poetry


 ECHOLOCATION, a solo cassette released in 1988, contains "Echolocation", "Two Black Rubber Rain Coats", "Badagada", "Pop Titles 'You'", "I Know" (w/Donald Swearingen), "In The Other World", "An In" (w/Bill Stefanacci) and "Scaff Scivi Gno".

(ZED (

(Soon to be re-released on CD)

 From A to Z.This CD compilation of electro-acoustic composers includes "In Tymes of Olde" by Pamela Z and "Obsession, Addiction and the Aristotelian Curve" by Pamela Z and Harpist Barbara Imhoff Both of these pieces appear on PZ's solo CD "A Delay is Better" on Starkland.

Order ST-203 from:

(Starkland PO Box 2190 Boulder, CO 80306)



 STATE OF THE UNION. A CD compilation of one minute ("advertisement" length) pieces produced by Elliot Sharp. Contains "State" by PZ.

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 KOMOTION INTERNATIONAL Vol. II contains PZ's "Pearls, the Gem of the Sea"

(Komotion PO Box 410502 San Francisco 94141-0502)




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 DICE is a CD compilation of contemporary women composers produced by Elise Kermani. Contains "Bald Boyfriend" by The Qube Chix (composed by PZ).

(Ishtar c/o MiShinnah Productions: 9B Brookview Ave. Delmar, NY 12054,

DICE 2 (she says) is the second addition of CD compilations from Ishtar records. It contains works by many of the composers from the first DICE CD and includes "Parts" and "Questions (Trip)" form Parts of Speech by Pamela Z.

(Ishtar c/o MiShinnah Productions: 9B Brookview Ave. Delmar, NY 12054.


SONIC CIRCUITS IV is a collection of New Electro-acoustic music from the U.S., Canad, Japan, and England. It contains "Geekspeak" from Parts of Speech by Pamela Z.

Order innova #113 (compact disc) from:

(Innova: American Composer's Forum 332 Minnesota Street #E-145, St. Paul, MN 55101-1300,



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