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about Pamela Z:

Pamela Z interviewed by Cathy Lane
Playing with Words, The spoken word in artistic practice Edited by Cathy Lane
ISBN 978 0 955 8273 3 4 CRISAP, RGAP Distributed in the U.K. and Europe by Cornerhouse Publications
pages 34-36, 2008

The Virtual Discourses of Pamela Z by George Lewis
Journal of the Society for American Music, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge MA, Volume 1, Number 1, pages 57-77, February 2007

  Pamela Z by Francis-Marie Uitti
Contemporary Music Review: IMPROVISATION, Routledge (Taylor & Francis), Edinburgh, pages 587-589, Vol. 25, Nos 5/6, October/December 2006
  Gesture: Pamela Z by Stephen Wilson
Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology, The MIT Press, Cambridge MA/ London, England, pages 745-746, 2002

Pamela Z, USA, edited/curated by Dmitry Bulatov
Homo Sonorus, An International Anthology of Sound Poetry, The National Center for Contemporary Art (Kaliningrad Branch, Russia)

Parts of Speech by Tom Sellar
Theater, Volume 30, Number 2, page 59, Spring 2000

  A few facets of Pamela Z by Kathy Kennedy
Musicworks, Number 76, page 5, Spring 2000
  Sound Culture '99 Footnotes in Folie FX and Eliptical Fields by Julainne Sumich
Art New Zealand, Number 91, Winter 1999
  Pamela Z Interview: June 28, 1998 by Irene Borger
The Force of Curiousity, Published by California Institute of the Arts and the Alpert Award, page 299-323, 1999
  Pamela Z by Kyle Gann
American Music in the Twentieth Century, Schirmer Books, page 383, 1997
  Tech by Bean
Electronic Musician, September 1997
  Witness Pamela Z by John Weber, Curator of Education & Public Programs SFMOMA
WEST, A publication of the San Francisco Art Institute, page 9, Winter 1996/97
  3 Vanguard Composers in San Francisco by Charles Boone
P Form, #33, page 21, Fall 1994
  Pamela Z by Jas Morgan & Sarah Drew
Mondo 2000, Issue No. 4, page 98, 1991


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by Pamela Z:
A Tool is Tool by Pamela Z
Women in New Media, edited by Judy Malloy, MIT Press, Cambridge MA/London England, slated for 2002 publication
  Talking Music at Davies Hall: American Mavericks/Maverick Icons by Pamela Z
21st Century Music, July 2000
  Audible Image/Visible Sound: Donald Swearingen's Living Off The List by Pamela Z
21st Century Music, Vol. 8, No. 1,
  Artscience Sciencart by Michael Black, David Levy, and Pamela Z
Art and Innovation, edited by Craig Harris, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA/London, England, page 210-247, 1999
  Brian Eno: Ambiguity, Yams, & Ju-Ju Spacejazz by Pamela Z
Mondo 2000, Issue No. 4, page 114-119, 1991
Miscellaneous Performance Reviews by Pamela Z

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