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Hitobito (People)

Carl Stone performing in the Lobby at Xebec Hall.

PZ with fifty iMacs. All flavors! (Yum!)

Carl's installation was presented inside the hall on these 50 computers the using 100 little built-in speakers as the sound system.

Here's Shimoda-san introducing the program.

Carl-san with Yuko Nexus6 in Kimono!

Two street musicians playing shamisen at Shin-Kobe Station.

PZ with Masayuki-san at Izakaya

Noda-san & Yuko-san at Izakaya

After the event at Xebec, several of us went out for food and drink at the local Izakaya. This is a kind of Japanese tavern that serves beer and sake along with a variety of "tapas"-style tasty dishes that everyone shares. Noda-san is very fond of Izakaya, and I have visited several with him after attending concerts.

Dyck-san flanked by two orchestra members, PZ, Maestro Verrot

PZ (hidari), Maestro (migi)

Rick Dyck took me and members of the Japan Shinsei Symphony Orchestra (including their dashing new French conductor Pascal Verrot) out for dinner at a very lovely French Restaurant.

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Kaja Kwak is a very nice woman who contacted be by email and introduced herself when I first arrived in Tokyo. An American friend of hers told her I was coming to Tokyo and that we should meet. Here she is at a restaurant where we met for lunch. She has offered to help me and show me around Tokyo. She's also invited me to visit the trendy Japanese Restaurant/Nightclub where she works.

Misako (Visual Brain's Sister-in Law) has been a great friend to me here in Tokyo. She and her husband (who we call "Akihabara King" have shown me all around Tokyo. Here we are with our cute chef at the Shabu-shabu restaurant in Kanda. We had just finished shopping for electronics in Akihabara ("Electric Town"). A-King took the photo.

Eric Lyon & Christopher Penrose

Here are my two fellow Gaijin-Otoku (Foriegner-computer-geek) collegues. I met Eric at an electronic music concert at ICC. Kurisu-san (Chris), who I met a few years ago at a festival at CRCA in La Jolla, is now on the faculty at Keio University. They are friends of Atau Takaka (of Sensor Band), and they have been showing me some MAX MSP patches. Here they are at the fare adjustment machine in Shinjuku Station. (Chris-san appears to be doing some serious hacking there.)

Tamami-san plays Sho-o
Do not adjust your flat display. You have entered the Towairaito Zone. Actually this ghostly image of Tamami Tono is just an out-of-focus shot I took during a wonderful performance of a work by Toru Iwatake at ICC. Again, hard to hold still while waiting for my little camera to gather enough light to shoot!

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